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Mentimeter - Growing the business, maintaining the culture


Founded in Stockholm in 2014, with customers in 123 countries across the globe, Mentimeter is an interactive presentation platform that transforms conventional presentations into interactive experiences where everyone’s voice is heard.


Anna Gullstran, VP of People, Mentimeter

A growing challenge

As the VP of People at Mentimeter, Anna knew that their unique culture was an integral part of how they succeed as an organization. In fact, they already had a high level of engagement and motivation, so they needed to maintain that standard as they grew. In Anna’s own words: “We spend a lot of energy, time, and resources on helping people have fun together while making them feel safe together, too. For us, that is the baseline of innovation and performance at Mentimeter.”

This became more of a challenge, though, as the company grew and their HR work was divided across several solutions and sheets. Especially with new joiners coming aboard each month, it became more difficult to maintain accurate and secure information at all times.

Anna knew that Mentimeter needed a solution that would exist as a single source of truth for their entire organization, while still being representative of their culture and allowing employees to enjoy autonomy in how they are managed and manage themselves.


    •   Employee data spread across various sheets and lacking centralization
    • An onboarding process that was thought out, but needed to be automated
    • The need for a system that was customizable and a reflection of their culture


Making the decision

In keeping with their core value, Mentimeter began the search to find an HR software that would help their organization ‘work smarter,’ to put their time where it could have the most strategic impact and bring about results. As Anna mentions, “We needed to make sure that we had everything in one system.” Beyond that, though, it also meant making sure that they would invest in a system that helped represent their culture of shared responsibility for employees.

The ability to empower employees through intuitive employee self-service was a very attractive element of deciding on Personio. This way, they were able to distribute rights and roles according to their needs, while still giving autonomy to each employee when entering their own data. When it came down to it, the decision was clear. Personio would allow Mentimeter to customize their experience to meet their needs while keeping all of their required data safe, secure, and compliant with GDPR. It was time to implement!

A tailored implementation

In order to make sure that Personio fit the unique needs of Mentimeter, Anna knew that things would take time to go through each requirement step by step. “Overall, the number of hours Personio knew we would need to spend on various tasks was super clear. It was all very accurate,” Anna states. This meant that they had the time not only to ensure that all their employee data was there and was accurate, but that they could build a process, like onboarding, into the system, which was going to be a key role in Mentimeter’s growth.

Now, Anna was prepared to implement Personio across the entire organization, especially since she had a completely customized experience for employees. Personio became a unique reflection of Mentimeter’s culture and processes, so it was ready to go.



The results became clear

When asked about which companies make a great fit for using Personio, Anna’s answer is clear: “All start-ups in Stockholm that are growing should consider Personio.” That’s based on the results of Mentimeter implementing Personio. Anna felt, almost immediately, how much more secure employee data was within the software. They not only had a single source of information, to keep an eye on all their data, but they did not have to worry about it at all.

This emphasis on data made reporting easier made reporting easier, too: “When the board asks for fresh numbers, regarding the growth of the company or metrics regarding diversity, it is just one click away and I have what I need,” Anna explains. Not only was official reporting less complicated, but the ad-hoc collection of employee information (for things like their company-wide global gathering, where the entire organization temporarily relocates to a new city for a month) became far simpler, with all employee data handy and only a quick glance away. For recruitment, it is now easier to see if Mentimeter is on course to hit its goals as part of its plan. Anna can clearly see who is going to start and when, while the automated onboarding process takes things from there. “Personio helps us spend a minimum amount of time on rules and compliance, so we can spend time on things that matter and give us high value as a team,” Anna states.


    • A secure source of company-wide, GDPR-compliant data

    • Reporting function that crafts clean data at the click of a button

    • An onboarding process that proactively alerts people for maximum impact


What do you appreciate most about Personio?

Anna appreciates that Personio has come to embody a customized reflection of what Mentimeter has worked so hard to cultivate: their culture. The software is intuitive for employees to use, the reporting is seamless and accurate, and information is secure – most of all, though, is that it can continue to match the high level of engagement and motivation that Mentimeter prides itself on. Now, the entire organization can work smarter, and Anna and her team have the time to invest in more strategic tasks thanks to Personio handling all of their core requirements.


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